You know how stressful it can be when children seems disconnected and easily distracted from their studies. We do too. So, we have designed affordable EEG solutions that can monitor the brain activity of your child and help them to practice getting the required mindset and achieve the success that you know they are capable of.

We aim to make the learning process easier; to allow you to call upon the required mind set at will in order to focus on a task.

Over the past 25 years there have been extensive studies of the brain activity of people suffering with dyslexia and ADD. The results that were found show that there is a noticeable difference in neurological activity between someone who is suffering from one of these disorders, and someone who is not.

It is generally believed that the Alpha rhythms in the brain play a significant part in our learning process. Our specially designed equipment specifically trains your Alpha wave activity. Studies show that you can improve concentration and reading speed in all subjects with just 20 minutes of use a day of the course of mere weeks.

Our training packages consist of EEG equipment and specially written and easy-to-use software to enable you to track your progress. The package also comes with games bases around increasing the alpha activity, and other packages that consist of Audio Visual stimuli designed to subconsciously increase the presence of the Alpha wave.

Education packages

Audio Visual Entrainment

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a simple, non-invasive and uncomplicated way of achieving a desired brain state, whether you want to study, relax, meditate, work more effectively or improve at your chosen sport. Neurofeedback provides the essential extra information to tell the AVE device how well you're doing!

For our AVE and neurofeedback solution, we provide a Procyon AVS system, a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, a single channel EEG sensor, the Vilistus/Pro software and the Procyon/Vilistus integration module.


Neurofeedback Personal Training Pack

Ideal for the home trainer or therapist who wants to learn about neurofeedback. THe pack contains a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, Vilistus/Pro software, dual channel EEG sensor, electrodes and consumables.