Peak Performance

Getting to the top in today's world requires a finely tuned mental game. When the pressure is on you need to be mentally prepared, and by using our affordable EEG systems we can help you block out the external distractions and give you the competitive edge.

Motivation is key when training the mind, so that you consistently make the effort to improve, but when there isn't any way to measure your progress it is very easy to get discouraged.However, by using Vilistus, you will be getting all the information that you need and constant feedback about your progress.

Alpha Wave Training

Are you looking to excel? Do you want to have more consistent performance? When you reach an Alpha state (which is more commonly known as being "in the zone") your mind is completely focused. When this state is achieved you will have the confidence to excel at anything!

Achieving the Alpha state is the best way to over come any weakness, it streamlines your mind so all your attention is on succeeding at the task in hand, it changes your mind set from what might happen to what will happen.

We have a number of ways to help you achieve the Alpha state. One of our most effective methods is to use Audio Visual Entrainment. The process is simple, you put on the headphones and the visualiser glasses, press "go", then sit back relax and let the sounds and lights take your mind to a place of absolute concentration.

Our audio visual equipment helps you to consistently get into a state of single minded focus, block out all the external distractions and allows you to be present with your ability.

Why Use Vilistus

We understand that not everybody wants to spend thousands of pounds on a personal psychologist in order to reach there full potential. That is why we have designed an easy and affordable way to perfect your mind from the comfort of your own home.

So don't hold yourself back; train your mind to cut through the cloudiness of uncertainty, and let us help you reach your full potential.

Peak Performance Packages

Audio Visual Entrainment

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a simple, non-invasive and uncomplicated way of achieving a desired brain state, whether you want to study, relax, meditate, work more effectively or improve at your chosen sport. Neurofeedback provides the essential extra information to tell the AVE device how well you're doing!

For our AVE and neurofeedback solution, we provide a Procyon AVS system, a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, a single channel EEG sensor, the Vilistus/Pro software and the Procyon/Vilistus integration module.


Assessment Training Kit

Finally, a method of assessing neurofeedback clients without the need for a QEEG.
The Vilistus ClinicalQ - based upon the pioneering work of Dr Paul Swingle - is a quick method of assessing a client, producing a list of possible issues and then, uniquely, generating a list of protocols to be used.
It's quite possible, when seeing a client for the first time, to induct, analyse, discuss symptoms and begin training in the first session.
And the ClinicalQ is so quick and easy to do, it will become a standard part of your neurofeedback practice, allowing you to quickly monitor the progress of your clients as training proceeds.


Neurofeedback Personal Training Pack

Ideal for the home trainer or therapist who wants to learn about neurofeedback. Contains a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling Unit, Vilistus/Pro software, dual channel EEG sensor, electrodes and consumables.